Norwegian Travel Company

Norwegian Travel Company is a premium brand aiming to offer high-quality experience-based tourism in selected unique destinations in Norway. From the fjords to the mountains. From the sandy beaches to the rough cliffs. From urban buzz to the massive stillness of the old mountains. We wish to inspire people to explore the treasures to be found in Norway. At our destinations you can explore amazing nature, good food and exciting activities all year round.

Northern Lights - Whale Safari - Dog Sledding - Snowmobile - Culture - Hiking


66°33N is the polar circle and separate the rest of the world from the Arctic. Few places are better to experience Arctic travel than Northern Norway - our homeland. You know the new luxury in travel is about nature and personal experiences. Come to sleep in the Snow Hotel at Kirkenes. See the Northern Lights. Watch the whales in silence from the hybrid engined Brim Explorer. Feel the atmosphere aboard the ships of Arctic Expedition. Enjoy Camp Tamok, the gateway to wilderness. Ride a snowmobile or go dogsledding. All we have are true bucket list experiences. Unspoiled nature. Fresh air. Silence. Not forgetting culture, good food and good accommodations.

Welcome to Arctic Travel Company and Northern Norway.

Our objective is to provide world class services - from the way you plan your journey, through the way you book to how you experience every detail of traveling.

We believe tourism in the arctic is a fantastic opportunity to inspire the world and make more people aware of the treasures found here, both in the global eco-system and as an extreme wilderness that still exist.