Wabi Sabi


Jewelry with a personal touch - crafted by hand in Tromsø.

Wabi Sabi jewelry designs move between clear lines and playfulness in a rough and refined style. We love to make jewelry with texture and organic forms out of materials such as gold and silver, combined with beautiful stones and diamonds.

wabi sabi interior

Our jewelry is created in a playful prosess in our work studio. We are exploring borders and challenging the techniques we learned at school.
Rough design and precious material – the contrast fasinates us.
Wabi Sabi was established in 2015. You can find our atelier and work studio in the center of Tromsø. Welcome to a nice shopping experience.

logo wabi sabi


Opening hours:
Man. - Lør.: 12 - 16

Phone: +47

Peder Hansens gate 4 B
9008 Tromsø